Sunday, 20 February 2011

Nothing to see here

I feel it's time I updated this blog! Since my last entry my mood has been very high and haven't had any down moments at all..Well, if I had I can't remember them.

I went into Sainsburys by myself to buy some hair dye which is another achievement I can tick off the list! My hair was red but it fades so quickly so I got some pf the foamy stuff in the colour "dark chocolate brown" Well it's still got the red tinge to do it but it's much darker now. I like it!

I had my implant removed last week. I'd had it in for over a year and everyone had been telling me to get it taken out as they're convinced it's what caused me to become ill. I myself and not so convinced. I've had problems since I was 9 and whether I had that thing in my arm or not I was always going to relapse and suffer from depression and have this sickness phobia. The implant may have added to my low mood though. I also heard it's not very affective as a contraceptive after all so decided to have it taken out. I went on the Pill when I was 14 as my periods were heavy (sorry if this is too much detail1) so haven't had a natural cycle for 7 years so am having a break from any pills and what not and just using good old condoms as protection for now! My body needs a break from excessive hormones I think.

These past few days I've had a very bad sore throat, swollen glands and ear ache constantly. Not nice at all.

I'm currently doing a cross stitch for my friend who is due to give birth to a little girl in April. It's going to be a sign with the babies name, what time/date she was born and her weight. The nursery is jungle themed so I'm going lions, hippos, zebras and giraffes! I'll take some photos of my progress with it later :)

God this has been such a dull post. I do apologise