Sunday, 30 January 2011


In spite of my progress RE anxiety, I am feeling generally down today. My parents are currently enjoying a weekend away at Centre Parcs - the lucky buggers. So maybe I'm missing them? Sounds pathetic doesn't it, a 21 year old missing her Mummy and Daddy... But I spend so much time with them, they're my friends too...and just being in this big house without them feels odd.

Alistair, my brother is here with his gf but they just hide away in his room all the time.. So it's me and the dogs. I'm in my parents room as they have a super nice bed, it's got a memory foam mattress! I woke up at half 10 to feed the dogs and instead of crawling straight back into bed I've stayed awake. I'm not dressed... Infact I didn't get dressed yesterday. I was supposed to be going shopping with my friend Jasmine today but cystitis has prevented that :( It's been re arranged for Tuesday though.

Oh deary me. Whatever's wrong? I just feel..flat and fed up! Like I could cry any minute now. Stupid me.

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