Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Derren Brown...

I am now the proud owner of two tickets to Derren Brown's show Svengali! I'm going to see him at the Theatre Royal in Norwich on April 11th (the day after my birthday) I'm on the 7th row from the front so will have a good view!! I am excited to see if I'll get picked to go up on stage... I think he is incredible and what he does is fascinating! Can't wait to see him!!

Also, how cool is the poster!

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  1. I watched all the TV programmes about him last week, he is so amazing but also a bit freaky, did you watch them? His house is full of stuffed animals, he also has a pickled still born monkey in a jar and stuffed deformed animals!!!! That would be amazing if you went up on the stage and very gutsy, I would be hiding so he didnt pick me xxx