Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Miracle worker?

Yesterday I was feeling shitty shit shit. Today, I saw my counsellor, who has a "Gift" I'm sure of it. She knows things about me I haven't told her... Some people may be sceptical about spiritual healing, angels etc... I was too until I met her. But she says she can see our souls/spirits on the outside of us, like a tiny version of ourselves that float about, and that is where our fears are kept. She gets me lay back and close my eyes..and imagine myself sitting next to myself (if that makes sense) then she talks to the "other me" though my... God this all sounds confusing and is very hard to explain, but I swear she has made a massive difference to my life already. My anxiety is no where near as bad as it used to be. For instance, I can now be left alone for a little while whilst in a shop..

She's basically talking to my subconscious, similar to hypnotherapy. I guess you wouldn't believe in it unless it's happened to you.


  1. Wow she sounds great, might move to Norwich just so I can see her too!!!!! Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog, sounds a good idea that we help each other with a task, maybe I should do something at 11am also, like maybe walk the dog and then we can check in on each other to make sure we have done it about 12ish or something???? You are so lovely, even with everything you are trying to overcome you still think of others xxx

  2. She sounds absolutely fantastic!! I really need someone like her, may be she can help me with the problems i have been having. She is def a miracle worker. Glad you are feeling better hun x