Monday, 17 January 2011


Well.. I have made some huge steps this past week!

On Friday me and my boyfriend went to Asda (we go there many times as it's just down the road from where he lives) and he set me the task of going in alone whilst he waited in the foyer. On the way there I didn't feel anxious about it at all, well, I guess I did, but not..HUGELY panicky and terrified. We walked in and he sat down in the foyer and off I went. The plan was for me to get a magazine or book, pay and then come out. The book.mag aisle is just opposite the door so I wouldn't be far away from him and I could just run out if I needed to.
I walked in, with confidence. I knew what I was looking for.. Either Michael McIntyre's or Simon Pegg's book. But could I find them? NO. Last time I'd been in they were there but today...they were no where to be seen. This through me a little as it was not part of my plan... I looked up and down, up and down the shelves for these books, which felt like forever but was probably more like 1 minute. I did have a tiny urge to just walk out but something stopped that. I then saw
Gok Wan's book and chose that instead. I picked it up and headed to the self service check outs. There was a couple sort of hanging around like they were queuing but they didn't have any items and I was like..."are you queuing?are you not?.." I didn't want to push in so just..stood there for a bit like a pleb... Then they walked off! So I paid for my book and walked out to meet my boyfriend. He greeted me with a massive kiss and hug and I felt brilliant!!

When I got home I couldn't wait to tell my parents.. I even wrote about it on my status on facebook! Which 10 of my friends "liked" and commented on showing support which was so lovely.

Today, I went in the city with Dean. I hadn't been in since before Christmas! I went in 3 shops alone. THREE. ALONE. Hamleys, Bakers Oven and Accessorise. Dean waited outside whilst I had a browse. OH, also when we were in Primark he looked at the mens stuff and I looked at the ladies. So I am feeling very proud of myself. I know I will have set backs and days where I won't be feeling so great, but I can look back and say.."you've done it, you can do it again"


  1. That's brilliant, sweetie! Keep up your good work :)